How Committed Are You to God?

How Committed Are You to God?

How committed are you to God? This question invites us to examine our hearts and reflect on the depth of our relationship with God.

To commit means to devote yourself to someone or something. True commitment to God goes beyond mere words and extends into every area of our lives, shaping our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and priorities. It is not merely a Sunday affair or a religious obligation; it’s a matter of the heart.

Being committed to God means that He is at the center of our lives. He’s the first person we go to for guidance and fulfillment. It means seeking to align our will with His, even when it requires sacrifice or going against the norm.

True commitment to God involves an ongoing process of surrender, yielding our will to His, and allowing His truth to transform every aspect of our lives.

Are you ready to commit to an intimate relationship with God? Not just in words, but in action. I believe that as you do, you will see God in your life like you have never seen. 

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