A Relationship with Christ

Do you realize that in one split second, everything in this world could be taken away from you? Be it your job, money, possessions, health, or loved ones. The only thing that cannot be taken away from you is your relationship with Jesus Christ. That is what we need to be pursuing daily and sharing […]

A Friend to the Friendless

Have you ever found yourself searching for real love and a place to belong? In a broken and hurting world, it’s hard to find a friend who’s loyal and true. Not everyone is willing to go through the good and bad times with you. As cliche as this may sound, a real friend is hard […]

Christ Our Overcomer

God never promised that we would live in a trouble-free world. As a matter of fact, Jesus told us that in this world there would be tribulation, distress, and suffering. But He also told us that in Him we would have perfect peace because He has overcome the world and the problems in it. Christ’s victory is […]

Stop Spreading Fear

The most commonly repeated command in the Bible is “Fear not!” The fact that it’s repeated so often should surely tell us something about the powerful role that fear plays in our lives. With the recent news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I read an article where a doctor said that fear is spreading faster […]

Feelings of Inadequacy

When I committed my life to Christ at an early age, one of the first truths in scripture God revealed to me was who I am in Christ. These truths have allowed me to confront the inadequate feelings I would struggle with and grow in the confidence of my God-given identity. What is inadequacy? Inadequacy […]

Are You Worried About the Coronavirus?

Dear Partners and Friends,  I have no doubt that you are probably being bombarded by the breaking news and reports of the Coronavirus as it spreads across the globe. Yes, you should use common sense to stay healthy and do your part to not actively spread the virus (particularly to the elderly), but there is something […]

Above and Beyond

Are you the type of person that likes to go above and beyond the call of duty? Well today, God is wanting to go above and beyond what is currently happening in your life.  Scripture tells us that God is able to excel our highest thoughts, hopes, or dreams. In other words, we can’t even begin to […]

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