“Then the LORD asked him, “What is that in your hand?” “A shepherd’s staff,” Moses replied.” – Exodus 4:2 (NLT)

Is there something standing between you and your dreams? Do you need God to open a door, touch a person’s heart, or provide for you in an unusual way? 

The children of Israel found themselves in a similar predicament. Once when they faced the Red Sea, God made a way when it looked impossible (Read Exodus 14). Surprisingly, the answer didn’t come out of the sky. The pivotal moment came when God reminded Moses of what he had in his hand.

When God asked this question, the only thing in Moses’ hand was a shepherd’s staff. To others it didn’t seem like much, but to Moses it was his seed to go forward into his destiny! 

Like Moses, God has called us to do some big things. Yet too often we think we lack something that we really don’t need. Notice that God didn’t ask Moses to give Him something he didn’t already have.

So what’s in your hand? A seed? An idea? An opportunity? The thing in your hand may seem totally inadequate to meet the needs in your life. However, you’ll be amazed by what can happen when you give it to God.