“Forget what happened in the past, and do not dwell on events from long ago.” – Isaiah 43:18 (GWT) 

While it’s true that everyone makes mistakes, not everyone is willing to learn from their mistakes. As a result, many people keep repeating the same old mistakes again and again. But by the grace of God and applying the wisdom He gave us, you can recover from your mistakes and failures.

Here are three ways to recover from your mistakes: 

  1. Acknowledge your wrongs. Humbling ourselves to admit that we’ve failed is the first step to moving forward. Take personal responsibility for your actions, receive God’s forgiveness, and commit to not going down the same path again.
  2. Learn from the past, but do not stay there. Don’t let the mistakes of your past dictate your future. Use every experience as a learning opportunity. Although we cannot change the past, we can change ourselves by learning from our mistakes.
  3. Get up and move forward. Your past does not define you. Don’t let failure keep you from getting back up. Just because you’ve failed doesn’t mean God’s plan for your life has failed. You may have to press a little harder, but I declare that your best days are still right before you!