Worth the Wait

The most challenging part about fulfilling our dreams is enduring the process of waiting. It makes no difference what you are believing for, there is always a waiting period before the manifestation. Waiting on things to happen can often be frustrating, especially when you have been waiting for a long time. But God has a way of using […]

A Word For You

Are you ready for God to move in your life? Do you long to see God at work in your family and your finances? Have you been praying for change in your workplace and community? The time for waiting is over. God is moving right now!  Today, you are being ushered into a new season […]

God’s Unlimited Supply

Have you ever faced a need in your life that was far beyond your own means to meet it? If you are struggling to meet your needs, God wants you to draw from His unlimited supply. It’s humanly impossible to fathom the depth and range of God’s glorious storehouse. His resources are without limits, because […]

Made An Original

Did you know that you forfeit who God made you to be by trying to be somebody else? Perhaps one of the main reasons for living an unfulfilled life stems from trying to be something or someone you’re not. God doesn’t create carbon copies, only originals. There is no one on the entire face of […]

Are You Grateful?

What does it mean to be grateful? Thankfully, it doesn’t mean trying to convince ourselves that everything is perfect. It doesn’t mean to deny difficulties, but to approach them from a different perspective. In essence, being grateful is about making a conscious decision to refocus our attention on what truly matters. Regardless of where you […]

Help Others Succeed

There seems to be a popular belief in our culture that the only way to get ahead is to only watch out for ‘number one.’ This means that you do what you think is best for yourself and not care about other people. On the contrary, that is not how God designed us to live. […]

Discover Your Worth and Value

To live a happy and meaningful life is something we all aspire to. But too often, we make the mistake of looking at others and comparing our worth to theirs. These thoughts only foster feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy.  The real shift in your life happens when you can look deep within yourself and discover […]

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