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Worrying Accomplishes Nothing

Worrying is something all of us struggle with from time to time, some more than others. It’s hard not to worry, especially when facing situations with an uncertain outcome. It’s human nature to want to know all the answers. And when we don’t have all the answers, our minds start to worry. However, worrying is […]

Faith Is A Journey

Did you know that living by faith is a journey and not a destination? For Abraham and Sarah, that required putting themselves in the hands of God. It was being willing to go on a journey into the unknown, wherever God would lead them. Faith was trusting God against all odds and the uncertainties of […]

You Will Get Through This

The world as we know it has changed drastically in a short time. Stress and anxiety are overtaking people’s lives as fear emerges and dominates the culture. The number one question that seems to run through most people’s minds during these times of uncertainty is, “How will I make it through?” What about questions like, “Will […]

How Do You Respond to Situations?

Every day, we are faced with a decision in how we respond to situations in life. We can either choose to react emotionally, or respond with wisdom.  The initial reaction for most people is usually the emotional one. How we respond, especially when we’ve been misunderstood, says a great deal about the depth of our […]

The Father’s Love

Some people may find it difficult to relate to God as our Heavenly Father. Perhaps it’s because of the negative experience they hold of their earthly father. Despite the worst or best dads on earth, there is no love like the love of our Heavenly Father. The magnitude of His love cannot be explained or even […]

YOU Are Your Only Limit

There are no reasonable limits relating to what you can achieve in life other than those that exist in your own mind. It all begins with how we think. If we want to experience a life change, the answer is first to remove the limits of wrong thinking, because the way we think will direct the course […]

George Floyd

Due to the recent events of the wrongful death of George Floyd, I must confess that today’s Life Key was a real challenge for me to write. Our hearts ache for his family and the families of those who have been the victim of systemic racism in this nation. To deny that racism exists in […]

The Comparison Trap

Have you been feeling the pressure of comparing yourself to others lately? When you catch yourself comparing yourself, stop immediately! No matter how well you are doing, comparing yourself to other people will always take your eyes off God’s purpose for you. That’s why comparison is the thief of your joy and peace; it’ll rob […]

Success Is No Accident

Scripture Focus:  Success is no accident. Living a great life does not come by luck or chance. There’s no quick fix solution, no magic wand to wave, and a pie won’t fall from the sky. The good news is, God has laid out a blueprint in His Word that leads to success. These are proven […]

Belief Systems

What would you dare to dream if you knew failure wasn’t an option? The level of success you’ll ever have in life is a direct result of your belief system. What is a belief system? We all have one. A belief system is a set of beliefs one holds to be true. Whether those beliefs […]