Have you ever found yourself fighting the wrong battles in life? Do you struggle with this constant need to prove your point and set everybody straight?

There will always be opportunities in life to quarrel and disagree about something. None of us are exactly alike. To avoid unnecessary stress, it is important not to let everything upset you. When you choose your battles wisely, you have more energy, patience, and clarity to focus on those things that are most important.

So often, we run around fighting battles that aren’t ours to fight. Consequently, we end up being exhausted, overwhelmed, and always on the edge. If we live in a constant state of confrontation, we run the risk of turning our lives into a war zone. Instead of being filled with peace and love, we end up living a life of anger and hostility.

Every battle that presents itself to you is not yours to fight. Choosing your battles wisely means there is a time to fight and a time to step back and let go. If you are faced with conflict today, I want to encourage you to step back and ask God whether this is your battle to fight or His. And always remember, never go to war when there are no spoils to be gained.

Scripture Focus:

“If you follow this advice… then you will be able to endure the pressures.” – Exodus 18:23 (NLT)