“Then when you call, the Lord will answer.‘Yes, I am here,’ he will quickly reply.” – Isaiah 58:9 (NLT)

Does life seem to be at a standstill for you? Are you wanting to press in to the next season, but aren’t sure when that season will come? Well, let me encourage you—if you put your trust in God, He will accelerate things in your favor!

This week, I’d like to remind you of three important keys to help launch you into a season of accelerated favor.

1. Expect God to accelerate answers to your prayers.
Perhaps you have been praying about a certain situation for a long time. Although the answers may seem long in coming, know that God is not slack concerning His promise. As you remain steadfast in faith, you’ll see accelerated answers to your prayers.

2. Expect things to start happening supernaturally.
The Gospel of John chapter 2 records the story of Jesus turning water into wine. In just one moment, Jesus was able to do what would have normally taken men twenty years to do by natural processes. That same miracle anointing is available to us today. You may think that it will take you twenty years to accomplish a goal, but God can make it happen in a fraction of time!

3. Expect God to accelerate your destiny.
It doesn’t have to take a long time to reach your destiny. God knows exactly where you are and what you need in order to fulfill your divine purpose. If you will cooperate with Him and obey His voice, He will cause you to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

I want to encourage you to get ready to embrace a new season of uncommon favor! God is going to redeem your time and accelerate you further than you ever thought possible. Expect the Spirit of acceleration to begin moving in your life today!