Dear Friend,

Should we expect following God’s plan for our lives to be without discomfort?

People enjoy feeling comfortable. Whether it’s eating at their favorite restaurant, or enjoying their favorite movie, everyone has their own favorite things in life that make them comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel comfortable; it’s human nature.

However, according to research from a prestigious university, people only grow when there is discomfort. That means that being in an unfamiliar situation can help you to discover something new about yourself.

And that’s exactly what following God’s plan does. It takes you out of your comfort zone into new experiences. My friend, God created you for something much more than happiness and convenience. He created you for a divine purpose.

But when we insist on having it easy all the time, when we demand that God’s plan for our lives be without discomfort, when we will only say yes to Him when it’s convenient for us, we lose the joy of the journey He has called us to.

The calling on your life will most likely be deeply uncomfortable at times. But you will never experience true growth and fulfillment without stepping into the unknown and trusting God’s master plan for your life. Today, I challenge you to risk discomfort to experience the joy of knowing you are in the center of His will.

Your Best Yet,

– Dr. John Barton