Partnership With John Barton Ministries

At the heart of John Barton Ministries International is a commitment to fulfilling the great commission: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15). That includes changing lives and changing futures. It entails empowering people to leave their history and embrace their God-given destiny.

God has graced Dr. John Barton to inspire and impact lives with the message of faith and destiny.

Partnership Options

Partnership with John Barton Ministries International is more than just a financial commitment. It is a covenant relationship where we connect our faith, our resources, and our destinies to make a greater impact in the Kingdom of God. Each of us plays a vital role in what God is doing through this generation, and without strong partnerships we cannot succeed. As a result, we have designed a partnership program that offers every individual, family, business, and ministry an opportunity to connect with our ministry. Together, we can make a difference in every community, every city, and every nation.

The Eagles (Individual Level)

The word “eagle” is mentioned 38 times in the Bible. It is a symbol of strength, courage, victory, and freedom. Eagles also have excellent vision and are capable of soaring to new heights. As an eagle partner with JBMI, you may “fly alone” in your decision to partner with us, but you’ll certainly not be alone as we connect our faith with yours. Together, we will make an eternal difference in our world.

The Family Life Team (Family Level)

This partnership level is all about the family. Family is the first unit ordained by God in the earth. The purpose of family is to love, honor, cherish, and help one another in achieving goals. The stronger the team, the greater the chance of fulfilling the vision. The mission for the Family Life Team is for each person (living under one household) to contribute to the financial seed sown into JBMI. Whether you’re a father, mother, son, daughter, grandparent, grandchild, or other relative, each person in a family can make a contribution. There is strength in numbers. So, huddle up and establish a family plan. No one person has to carry the entire load. Each team player – working together – can help multiply the results.

The Millionaires’ Club (Corporate Level)

2 Chronicles 9:22 tells the story of the richest man that every lived: “So King Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom.” Because of Solomon’s wisdom, he prospered and was able to build God a state-of-the-art sanctuary – debt free! Like Solomon, the Millionaires’ Club understands the concept of money with a mission. Their financial seeds are proof of their faith in God’s provision and abundance. As a result, the harvest they experience is limitless. This club will prosper over and beyond what they can imagine. They are called to the marketplace. The corporate world is their divine place of assignment. As a Millionaire Club partner with JBMI, you will have the opportunity to sow financial seeds from your business. When you get involved in God’s business, God will get involved in your business.

The Winner’s Circle (Ministry Level)

JBMI affords everyone the opportunity to be a blessing, even other churches and ministries. Sometimes God will bless you in proportion to your willingness to bless others. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. The Winner’s Circle welcomes any church, ministry, or non-profit organization that senses a strong connection with JBMI and would like to partner in spreading the gospel. This powerful circle of champions consists of leaders from every circle joining together for Kingdom purposes. With your prayers and monthly financial contributions, you can expect an abundance of God’s favor to manifest in your ministry or organization like never before.

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