About John Barton Ministries

Dr. John Barton inspires and impacts the lives of people with a powerful message of faith and destiny—helping them to fulfill their God-given purpose and achieve their highest potential.

What does John Barton Ministries International have to offer?


Living Your Destiny Conference or A Night of Destiny

The Living Your Destiny Conference is designed to gather people from far and near who have a true heart’s desire to experience the presence and power of God through worship and the ministry of the Word. In this life-changing atmosphere of faith, destinies are revealed and many lives are catapulted into the next level of their God-given purpose.


Singles Conference

Christian singles need to understand their worth and value in the Kingdom of God. Through these power-packed events, Dr. John Barton encourages singles to embrace their singleness by maximizing opportunities to grow, develop, serve, make a difference, and enjoy life to the fullest.


Relationship Conference

The purpose of this conference is to teach men and women the importance of building quality relationships that glorify God and serve one another. Whether married or single, the goal is to provide thought-provoking seminars, retreats, and social activities in a positive atmosphere that would strengthen individuals to become relationally successful in life.

Speaking Engagements

The primary function of John Barton Ministries International is Dr. John Barton’s speaking engagements. Dr. Barton travels throughout the country and abroad to minister the Word of God at churches and conferences. He also serves as a commencement speaker for various events giving life-changing inspiration and practical tools for success. Dr. Barton’s message of faith and destiny has impacted the lives of people in every arena of life.

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Life Keys

Each Life Key is designed to teach, challenge, encourage, and take you to a higher dimension in your spiritual walk with God. As you read each devotional, you’ll become empowered to pursue your God-given dreams and discover the will of God for your life.